The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2

The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2

10 Episodes

This television series focus on Montreal’s artists that are new and established: the artist’s past, their current career and their future. We aim to understand where they came from and where they are going.

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The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2

    Episode 1

    The episode will outline how The Holds started, to where they are now, an original Montreal band turning out their own unique and soulful blend of rock n roll.

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2 - MARIE-CHRISTINE

    Episode 2

    This episode will outline how Marie-Christine career started when Gregory Charles asked her to be the soloist for his choir. She was then 19 years old. Corey Hart produced her first solo album in 2007, in collaboration with Warner Music Canada.

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2 - SAMITO

    Episode 3

    Son of an Anglican priest and a mom of five who enrolled him at Escola Nacional de Música far from thinking he would ever choose music for a career. When Samito sings, nostalgia meets political satire in highly charged rhythms and lyrics written in Portuguese, French, English and Tswa

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2 - MR. BOLLY

    Episode 4

    An urban fusion artist who has become an expert in blending the East meets West mentality. His upbringing and style reflect the influences of East Coast hip hop with a perfect mix of East Indian Culture.

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2 - STEPHEN VOYCE

    Episode 5

    5 - VOYCE*
    He is not afraid to take his fans into his life, including the intense lows he’s dealt with. It doesn’t get much more personal than him – and we were lucky enough to pick at his brain during this interview, where we learn about his motivations, musical influences and new album.

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2 - MAMA BEAR

    Episode 6

    6 – MAMA BEAR
    This episode will introduce Mama bear (formerly known as Alley Cat Traffic and Monroe), based in Montreal Quebec. Starting the group back in high school at the ages of 16-18 years, Vardon, Monroe and Specogna have been a group for about four years but known each other for eight.

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2 - CAVEBOY

    Episode 7

    Caveboy is the culmination of the shared life experiences of Michelle Bensimon (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth), Isabelle Banos (Synth, Bass, Backing Vocals) and Lana Cooney (Drums, Backing Vocals). They revel in ideas of fearlessness, self-sufficiency, the primitive, the extraordinary, following of ...

  • The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS S2 - FRISKY KIDS

    Episode 8

    This episode will introduce a Montreal-based band The Frisky Kids. Their sound consists of rock and roll and garage rock music. Very loud music, but the guys themselves are soft spoken. Frisky Kids are a garage rock group, composed of Matisse Gill (bass, vocals), Calum Dowbiggin ...

  • The Vocalist Magazine Presents S2 - ARALUNE

    Episode 9

    Aralune is a singer, songwriter and producer from Montreal with a background in design and gymnastics and a deep interest in futuristic forms of electronic music. Her sound, a blend of 90's R&B revisited with touches of neo-soul and future bass sounds that has been compared to Sade and FKA Twigs.

  • The Vocalist Magazine Presents S2 - TARA BASWANI

    Episode 10

    This episode will introduce Montreal-based singer songwriter, TARA BASWANI The episode will outline how she started, to where she is now. Singer/Songwriter Tara Baswani draws deep into her upbringing in India and nomadic travels to create her vividly textured sound-scapes as a storyteller