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Sing With Jennifer Direct Hydration

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Sing With Jennifer Vocal Hydration


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  • Sing With Jennifer Direct Hydration

    If you think drinking water, sipping teas, and eating fruits and veggies is all you need to do to hydrate your cords. You are in for an awakening when it comes to achieving optimal hydration. You've only achieved 1/3.

  • Sing with Jennifer External Hydration

    External Hydration is the last missing piece to achieving optimal hydration. It's function
    is to ensures that there is adequate moisture in the air. Watch and find out what you can do to improve the air that you breathe by adding moisture to it.

  • SWJ Mucus

    As a singer I can literally write a book on the trials and tribulations that I have experienced with mucus. Lol! I can laugh about it now however, It definitely wasn't funny then. Through my experience I can tell you this much, understanding and knowledge is key. That was the only way I was final...